Most Famous Denture Of All Time

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  • 19 Oct, 2017

He is famous and so is his dentures.

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Have you ever wondered what are the most famous dentures in history?
Well let’s have a little history lesson and take a look at George Washington (First President of the USA) He suffered from poor dental health. In his twenties, he experienced regular toothaches, decay, and tooth loss. These problems were likely due to factors common during Washington's era, including a poorly balanced diet and disease, as well as genetics. Therefore, as a result, he spent his life in frequent pain and employed a variety of tooth cleaners, dental medicines, and dentures.
Some said Washington's ´╗┐false teeth were made of wood. But that is not true. It was made of ivory wired to his remaining real teeth. But when he was inaugurated President in 1789, only one real tooth remained seated. Until he met Dr. John Greenwood, a New York dentist who fashioned him an advanced set of dentures carved out of hippopotamus ivory and has gold wire springs and brass screws holding human teeth. Washington's single tooth as he believed a dentist should "never extract a tooth... when there is a possibility of saving it." Though it was made of precious materials, Washington never seemed contented and comfortable wearing it.
Presently, a few of Washington's false teeth still exist. Parts of a denture made by Greenwood is owned by the New York Academy of Medicine as is the decorative case holding Washington’s last tooth. The only complete set of Washington's dentures that still survives is preserved by the Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens and is made of animal and human teeth, lead, and ivory.

So, there you have it, why  Washington's dentures are the most famous  of all time?

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If you bought up the subject of dentures at a BBQ? I would think that you would hear one or two stories that would make you laugh and usually would involve Grandparents or Older relatives. The stories would normally have somebody telling you the fright they got when they discovered by accident on a shelf somewhere some glass container and in that glass, would be Nana or Pop’s dentures having a Steradent bath.
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Have you ever wondered what are the most famous dentures in history?
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