We provide a complete one-stop denture service working directly with the public. We use high quality materials approved by the Commonwealth Government Therapeutic Goods Administration to create excellent quality dentures. We can provide the help you need to attain beautiful, functional and aesthetically pleasing dentures.

Mobile and After Hours Emergency Services available.

New Full Dentures
Our full dentures are natural-looking and fully functional. All of our dentures are made on site by our talented dental prosthetist, Anthony Crosbie. We guarantee that you’ll be very pleased with the finished product, as Anthony takes a lot of pride in his work and uses quality materials.
Partial Dentures
Our Partial Dentures are natural-looking and fully functional. Partial Dentures can be for one tooth or many and are made to blend in with remaining natural teeth. These can be constructed using either Acrylic, Chrome or Flexible materials depending on individuals circumstances call us for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your best options.
Immediate Dentures
An immediate denture is a denture (either full or partial) that is designed in collaboration with your dentist, to replace teeth that are yet to be extracted. As the name suggests, this means that you are replacing extracted teeth immediately, and not walking around without any teeth.
Reline & Repairs Same Day
A denture becomes loose or ill fitting due to the bone and gums shrinking away from underneath the denture resulting in lack of denture support. It can cause discomfort, embarrassment and in certain cases denture breakage. Relines help to improve the fit of dentures and does not affect the appearance. This can be done on both full and partial dentures.

Tooth Additions Same day
 If you have lost a natural tooth, it is possible to add it to an existing denture, however the technique required to add the tooth depends on the style of your denture. In this situation, you are best to make a complimentary consultation appointment with our friendly prosthetist for a personalised treatment plan.  
Sports Mouthguards
If you truly care about your teeth and play a contact sport, it is important to have a correctly fitted mouthguard. Using inferior quality mouthguards will not provide the proper protection and may cause a great deal of discomfort in the mouth. Denture Doctor can provide custom sports mouthguards, available in many colours, which will provide the best in protection and comfort
Mobile Service
Let us visit you.
We offer out-patient services for less mobile clients, making us the ideal choice for those residing in Aged Care Residences, Hospital and at Home. So if you are unable to visit us we can visit you, whether for a denture repair, reline, new dentures or any denture needs.  
Payment Plan
Our clinic provides convenient payment plans for your smile managed by the Denticare direct debit service. Interest Free, just one low set up fee of $39 and a 20% deposit then we can focus on the smile you have always wanted. The balance is then paid over a 12 month period for eligible patients contact Denture Doctor to find out more.  

Services we provide are: 

Full Upper Denture

Full Lower Denture

Partial Dentures – Acrylic, Chrome

Flexible Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Relines – Same Day

Additions – Same Day

Repairs – While you wait

Denture Makeovers

Sports Mouthguards – variety of colours

Emergency Service 

Mobile Service

And exceptionally friendly advice and service!

Come to us or let us visit you 

Patients of any age are welcome to our friendly clinic. We also offer out-patient services for less mobile clients, making us the ideal choice for those residing in Aged Care Residences, Hospital and at Home.

Emergency services 

Here at Denture Doctor, we understand that denture problems often come at the worst possible times. We also appreciate that these problems need to be rectified straight away. We provide emergency and after-hours services to correct your problems conveniently and quickly to alleviate any embarrassment, discomfort or pain.
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